Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year, New Goals, New Start

I've never been the best at resolutions.  Never could keep them and never really thought about what I wanted to 'change' in the next year.  I think I always have this thought of being better.  Doing more, etc.  But that is such a broad way of putting it! I mean, be better in what? Do what? 

So, this year, I've thought about what I can do next year, and writing things down always helps to remember. Plus, I'm a crazy list maker, and I'd rather you all help me be accountable, too!

Here goes:

Remember More / Be More Thoughtful
I've known for not having the best memory. True story. A lot of childhood things I only 'remember' are from stories I've heard from my family and friends, videos, or pictures.  It's sad really.  I just don't have a great memory and what's funny, is I try to take Ginko everyday, but I can't even remember to do that! Must. Get. More. Post-its!

Become a Better Business Woman
I started my Premier business this year, back in May, and I've done alright, but I haven't done as well as I know I can.  This new year is bringing new challenges and new opportunities.  I want this business to be a success. I see it and I want it.  I've in the process of working out goals that I want and will get myself organized. Say a prayer for me :)

Learn to Cook More
I am not a cook. And living alone for so long, I never had to make much because it was just me.  My mom and I are similar in this, because my never doesn't eat much we like or he wasn't home for dinner.  So, there are nights I'll make a decent meal, others I'll snack or have popcorn or cereal lol Not the healthiest probably, no, but it works for me.  Well, Matthew likes his big meals and is used to that, so I have a hard time figuring out what to make.  Plenty of nights it Chinese lol or Mexican, and that's not healthy all the time, so I'm trying and getting better, but maybe I need to put together menus for the week or something, for when he's here.  

Become Stronger in my Faith
Emotionally, it's been a really long year....a lot has happened and it's definitely tried my patience and trust. I've found myself growing farther away from God, rather than reaching towards Him when I needed him.  My Church has been going through so much the past couple years, that honestly, I feel like I drifted away because of that too.  I'm trying, but I haven't found myself and my relationship with God again.  Matthew and I don't have the opportunity to go to Church much with each other because his weekends are with his daughter, and it's not always easy getting up on Sunday mornings and driving 45 minutes to meet...but I want to work on my relationship with God more and that involves finding a way to worship that has meaning for me and will build that relationship.

Be More Secure in Who I am and What I Want
I'm a people pleaser. There. I said it.  I can be selfish at times, yupp, said that too, but I also find myself doing things for others, and while that is a huge part of who I am, I don't want to be walked on or taken advantage of.  I want my life to be mine and make my own decisions, not decisions I think others want me to make.  I'm happy and I am trusting that God has me on the right path.  I'm going to give in to Him this next year and be 100% secure with who I am and where I at, along with working hard to get what and where I want in life.  I don't want that to come out snooty or selfish, either, but I'm 26.  I'm ready to move on, I'm ready to have my own life and share that.  I'm ready to be 100% happy and know that everyone around me is happy and supports me :)

Save Money
When your license plate says SHPGRL, you know this girl likes to spend money. Now, I don't live above my means, by any means, but I do like a good deal and I do like a full closet with plenty of accessories :) I'm a girl.  Come on :) BUT, I've also got a mortgage, a fur child and a future of a house/house, in the next few years.  I've put together a budget and I'm determined to save a little.  I've got a couple flights, bridesmaid dresses, presents, etc to be thinking about and it's all gonna get done in a costly manner! lol I've got a spreadsheet and everything! (aren't you proud, dad?!) Yupp, I'm pretty sure my dad reads my blog ;) maybe not everyday, but I know he reads it!! Love that :)

Cut back on Reality TV
Now, THIS is gonna be hard! But, seriously, it's gotten WAY out of hand! Nough said...

Love Harder and Stronger
I said early, I forget a lot of things.  Well, I want everyone in my life to know I love them so dearly and wouldn't be who I am without them.  So, I want to work hard to remind them.  Maybe not daily, and maybe not just in a small note, but I want to do things for them unexpected :) Well, maybe that I've said it, it won't be so unexpected, but I'll wait a bit before I start :) lol I like doing things and making people happy, I just sometimes get too busy and my mind goes awol, so I'm going to try harder this year! Remember the little things that matter to people. 

Finish the House Projects I've Started This Year
Final touches on my bathroom and ceiling, pictures and drapes/curtains in my bedroom, start and complete the redo of my second bathroom,finally getting rid of the extra couch and kitchen table I've had for 3 years! (anyone need that stuff?!?!) and make that second bedroom into a rockstar Premier office ;)

Be a Better Blogger!
I've really fell in love with blogging.  While, I'm not always consistent and I'm not super open yet on here, it's given me an out to write and connect with others. I want to build relationships and connect with some really awesome people out there!! I hope this year brings some great friendships and experiences ;)


Now, I'm off to a New Years Eve Worship Service I'm singing in and then off to Lexington to visit Tina and Dustin!! 

I hope everyone has an awesome New Years and has fun tonight! Loves! Catch you next year!!


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really positive, honest list! There are so many good ones this year!
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