Monday, November 28, 2011

Week Update

Yeah, it's been almost two weeks since my last post, other than this morning, so here goes!

The week was full of fun! Sunday, I hit the mall, looking for a dress for my big work Christmas party, and something fun to wear to my parents big Christmas party! Two weekends in a row folks! :) WOO! So, I found an adorable gray dress with ruffles on the v-neck. Kind of dressy, not as much holiday, like I usually wear, but I can accessorize it and dress it up :) Should be adorable! Need to find some sassy shoes, though! For my parents party, I got a precious red and white striped sleeveless shirt, that goes up around the neck and ties in a bow! Sounds really funky when described that way, but it's actually way cute. I'll post pics after the party!
I only had a two day work week! Holla, but it was busy :/ Oh well, Wednesday I kicked off with putting up more Christmas decorations, some cleaning, much needed downtime and that night visited Matthew and his family.  His brother and sister in-law were in town for a week from Florida! AND they are expecting :) Little baby Buchanan to make his appearance, the end of February 2012! Tuesday night was a baby shower for her! Great to see them :) I know everyone wishes they lived closer.  
So, I ventured over to my parents Wednesday night and stayed there a few days. My sister, Barrett, and the monkey came home Wednesday, so I needed some monkey cuddles! Thursday we helped cook, made some Italian Margaritas! Whoa delicious! Picked up the grammers...and had a delicious lunch, while watching Green Bay kick some buttay!! That's right, Green Bay fan! Born and raised :) 
So, everyone knows, this girl can eat. And thanksgiving is my chance to give everyone a little show and stuff my face without feeling a bit guilty! lol My brother in-law and I had a little competition going, I had a ridiculously pilled plate of food, as did he.  He made it to two plates, I was slowing down after my one.  He was still hurting later that night, I was devouring dessert a few hours later! So, I'll call it a wash lol But these silly little canine's were looking for a little turkey to share! 
 Molli, Chloe, Max
Precious little Lucy, being so polite, asking for some turkey :)

My sister, my mom, and I, braved the stores Thursday night. We went to Michael's, where I saved myself over $100! Yeah, seriously. I only spent like $40 on some (ridiculous amount) holiday silk flowers and some ribbon (animal print of course! for the tree)! Then we decided to check out Old Navy! I mean, they were open and the morning crowds didn't sound ALL that appealing, so we went in, barely busy, and got us some awesome deals! I think we all walked out with some gifts too! Even better! Pretty sure I saved like $130 there! These stores were giving stuff away! I bought scarf and fleece for like a buck! We did decide we would head out Friday morning, but not too early. We waited for monkey to get up and headed out around 7am. There was NOBODY! lol We waited the longest at Starbucks! ha we went to Gap, Versona Accessories! ADORABLE! I want to own this place. Seriously, it's like what I have wanted for my business! Minus clothes and add home decor ;) We also went to Target and there were NO lines. We strolled around, found a few cute things and checked out like it was nobody's business! we were home in a couple hours and feeling great!
Went home and played with this smiley butt!
 Sleepy after a long day of turkey!
 He LOVES his bath time :) AND I'm pretty sure he's the cutest kid in the world!
 AND his grandpa :) 

Friday night, I got to see Matthew and our best friends Tina and Dustin! Who are expecting BTW :) So excited for them!! We went out to Rocky's and back to Kristina's parent's house for a bit. I love going there cause I always remember all the sleepovers we had! lol too funny! Such good times :) 
Saturday was kind of a lazy day. Not gonna lie! We just kind of hung out most of the day, put up some outside Christmas lights, took all the dogs for a walk, watched some TV, played with Monkey! and Molly came over to visit for a bit! :) This girl is gorgeous, let me tell ya and why the perfect guy hasn't snatched her up yet is beyond me.  No one will EVER be good enough in my eyes for her! OR any of my best friends for that matter! (Dustin, you're up there and setting the bar!! ;)) Either way, she came by for a bit and help monkey why he slept, fed him some and we caught up on life! I miss that chick! No one lives close to me :/ All my friends are away and it makes me sad. BUT Molls will soon be coming back to Louisville and that makes me VERY happy!!! 
I remember what happened Saturday morning! Lucas decided that he was going to crap all over his auntie! AGAIN! lol this child can blow a diaper like it's nobody's business! Like, someone should crown him the king. No joke! It took Chels and I to get him out of his clothes and wiped down! lol and into a new diaper and clothes! haha Good times. Man how I miss those times at the day care! lol I miss being around babies everyday! 
I came home Saturday night to have a quiet, sleepy night to myself.  Unfortunately, waking up Sunday not feeling great. Horrible throat, Stuffy nose, still exhausted after 9 hours of sleep! Which is SO not like me... decided to stay in, go grocery shopping and chill by myself ;) catch up on some DVR, snuggle with my peanut, who is sporting this adorable hoody, these days! haha 
 After a little R & R Sunday, that afternoon, I took Matthew to my Premier family :) And we had a pizza night at Lora's house! It was great. They are such amazing ladies and it was nice to meeting their husbands and family's and hang out.  I was dead my like 9 though lol And of course back to work today ;/ blah. It actually wasn't too bad and that helped! Definitely going to be a long week though. I've got some great baking to do for my parents party this weekend!! AND family comes! My Godparents and my Godfather's brother and sister in-law are coming! LOVE them! and friends from New Jersey are coming! They moved to Indianapolis the year after we moved to Louisville, so it's been great staying in touch with them! Unfortunately, they will be heading to California when their house sells...bummersville. Carol is a great friend of my mom's, so that'll be sad to see her go so far away! 
Tonight has been trying to catch up on blogs I haven't read, comments, organizing, etc. Oh and some DVR catch up :) It's been so rainy and crappy the past couple days and it was dark at like 4:30 today!! Booo...
So, here is to another busy week, but awesome weekend to look forward to! I have GOT to remember to take lot of pics at my parents party. It is amazing! 6th year? They do a re-gifting or dirty santa party. It's called a few different things, but it's such a nice party! And it's hilarious that the re-gift part turns so incredibly funny! You NEVER know what people will bring and what will happen haha O. M. G. Too many stories from the years and I can't wait for more!! 
Hope everyone has a great week! This girl needs to catch up on some Pinterest!!! I'm feeling deprived!


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