Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fashion alzheimer's

Ever have one of those days where you think you have nothing to wear?! I mean, I'll try on 4-6 outfits in a morning on those days.  And I still wind up eventually looking at myself, going, huh? What the heck did you put on today!! And why does your hair look like that? lol

Today is totally one of those days.  I just couldn't find anything that looked right.  I finally settled for black pants and a cardigan with a long necklace, but then my hair? Totally had no effort today, so it's all blah and half up/straight/swoopy ha I look a mess, let's just leave it at that.

Thank goodness I don't have to be anywhere that I have to look even remotely presentable, cause the everything in the looks department was half-assed today that's for sure! WOW.

You'd think with all the clothes I have that I would be able to look all fashionable everyday right? Wrong. I only pretend I know what I'm doing when it comes to fashion.

And lately? It seems like I keep going back and forth with weight and that's annoying.  Only like a couple pounds, but that makes a world of differece with some of my clothes! It is so annoying to me how stuff fits.  In one brand I can wear a 2 and the next a 4, others it's perfect in a size 2, but then there are days those are a little tighter than comfortable, but a week later it's fine. I hate that lol So annoying!! And dresses and pants fit so differently along with tanks and t-shirts.  Oh well, whatever.  Sizes don't matter, right?? Just as long as it looks cute? At least that's what I tell myself!! lol 

And then, of course, I finally, just recently, got rid of all my 'fat' clothes, cause Lord knows we ain't going back down that road! And I decided to get rid of some of my 'ridiculously skinny' clothes too. Cause I don't want to go back to that again, either. 

So, maybe I'll wake up tomorrow not feeling like a total slob ran over and I can jump back into my style side and have a little fun.  I'm horrible about branching out and trying new things that might make people stare...lol Maybe someday :)

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