Thursday, August 18, 2011

10 day YOU Challenge - Day 7 Wants

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Now on with day 7! Seven wants... This could be interesting.

7. I want people to realize their life is good.  That they shouldn't dwell on little things that keep them from having relationships with others; friends, family, anyone. I want people to live each day for that day, not getting caught up in silly emotions or trying to make decisions for others not knowing the situation first hand.  That constant complaining and glass half empty attitude is draining on others around them.
6. I want a new car ;) An SUV please!! Oh and if it could come with super low payments, but all the bells and whistles, that'd be awesome! Thanks :)
5. I want a house condo is amazing and I love it, but I want a yard and back patio and an upstairs and downstairs, and a bigger kitchen...
4. I desperately want to take a trip to California! Even do the wine country and drive along the coast. Like desperately :/
3. I want to work for a fashion company. SO. BAD. but that would require a move out of Louisville......and a whole lot more confidence than I got.
2. I want to be cleaning, organizing, decorating, catching up on DVR, drinking wine, cool breeze through the windows, chillin with my honeys :)
1. I want to open my business...

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