Monday, July 25, 2011

New Hair

So, I change my hair a lot.  I go from short to long, I style it differently almost every day...I used to highlight it in high school/college...and I just can never make up my mind.  I think the only kind of constant, is swoopy bangs. LOL  I also have semi-naturally curly hair, so it can be impossible at times.

So, recently I had the itch to die it darker.  Spice it up, do something different, right? I had talked to my hair dresser, who is AMAZING P.S...and just asked if it'd work.  She said yeah, I said I'd think about it, and a few days later, decided to go for it with some Loreal hair dye from Kroger. lol

Some people noticed right away, some (my mother! lol) didn't notice for a couple hours haha.  Granted it was pulled up and you couldn't see a whole lot of it, but it's funny.  Most people at work noticed, but I am with them everyday, but I guess it looks natural enough that it works! I kind of like it! I was born with the whitest hair ever, turned to blonde. then in high school started turning darker.  I think I'm going to keep it dark for a while, as I grow it out longer's a nice change :)

So, check it out! not the best pictures, and it's pulled up but oh well...

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