Wednesday, July 6, 2011


So it's been a while since I've done my ABC's...I think it's time for another round! :)

A -Ever been to Aruba? Go's amazing! I want to go back there soon!
B -Baby Dunn (my nephew) will be arriving in t-2 months and counting!! Cannot wait!!
C - Cats are my worst enemy. They are all evil -except for Howie (Abby) and Cooper (Tina) :) lol
D - Diets are pointless - just get all stressed out like me and you'll burn those calories in no time!! :)
E - I cannot leave the house without Earrings on...I am weird...
F -French braids lol - Tina weren't we talking about this at the game? Apparently Dustin, her husband, thinks he may be able to do this...we are convinced he got plain braiding and french braiding a little confused. :)
G - Giant bottles of water. I have a weird addiction. What can I say? I like to stay hydrated!
H-I will be hosting my sister's baby shower next weekend! :) YAY
I - I am a very impatient's not a good quality, this I know...
J - My purse is filled with "Just in case" stuff. Like Mary Poppins. Ya never know what she's gonna pull out of there!! I attribute this talent to Beth Coopman :) I know she's looking down so proud! lol
K - I've probably said it before, but it bears repeating. I am obsessed with Ketchup. I live alone and buy the family size bottle. And yes, I finish it pretty quickly. Don't judge...
L - Loving life's little moments...
M - Money will not bring you happiness...just more stuff, right?
N - Nobody likes a whiner :) (Pointing to this girl, lately)
O - Trying to seize new opportunities in in life - no point in being scared of what's next, right?
P - I am in desperate need to finish painting my bathroom. Touch ups mostly, but I keep procrastinating it now...
Q -I've got to quit letting others control my life. I'm a big girl and can make my own decisions. I just gotta trust that others will support those decision :)
R - Rings have become my new favorite accessory!
S - Spackle has become my new best friend, after redoing my bathroom. Whoa! lol
T - Tanning is not happening lately and that is sad. I want to go back to being young and not having responsibilities on the weekends...or in the summer in general :)
U - Until I get sick of it (which we all know will never happen, I will continue watch Friends daily. Usually, when I go to bed. :)
V - I used to play sand volleyball in college for fun. Not on a team or anything, just had a sand court outside my dorm. It was great fun!
W - Words with Friends game? ADDICTING! lol
X -
Y - Yoga has GOT to be in my life more again!!!
Z - Zebra is becoming the new theme in my bedroom :) I need to go to animal prints anonymous...

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