Sunday, May 29, 2011


A- Antigua sounds like an amazing place right now...because apparently KY can now only produce large amounts of rain...
B - Bangles are an awesome accessory
C - There are no Cackle zones in my's hilarious and ridiculous at the same time lol
D - Dude Ranches! LOL :)
E - Evenings on my porch with a glass of wine are a must this summer...
F - Fashion Friday post needs to come back
G - Green Bay, WI is where I should be next week, but will not be going :(
H - 'Home' will always be with my parents, but I'm slowly making my condo a nice little home ;) and I love it!
I - I is not in Team...
J - Jewelry is one of my new ventures ;)
K - Have I expressed my love of Ketchup before? If not OMG, it goes with everything :)
L - Laying on my back, or having my back against anything, and laughing, gives me the hiccups real bad lol
M - Max is a sick little puppy right now, who will hopefully get better really really soon!! :/
N - Max also has Ninja like skills...he can jump crazy high and pops out of nowhere. He'd be an awesome spy.  He never barks either...I love him (:
O - Orange juice kind of makes me want to vomit...but sometimes I crave it....I'm weird, I know.
P - Pretty soon, I get to sleep in, at least one day...which basically means like 7am, but hey, sleeping in is sleeping in!! :)
Q -  Quite often, I worry about my future
R - Rarely do I ever sleep through the whole night without waking up a gazillion times
S - Sodeo, Sodeo! Anyone remember this handshake thing and song??
T - Today! Correction...THIS WEEK has been the longest in history..seriously, put it down in the books! :)
U - Until recently, I thought all my financial worries would be settled...I was wrong...My puppy needs surgery :(
V - The idea of Veal, makes me gag...
W - Writing helps me release emotions...Today, I've learned, I should be writing more...
X - Xanadu is a movie...that is all I know.
Y - Yabba Dabba Doooooooo
Z - I love the name Zachary :)

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