Monday, April 25, 2011

Newport Aquarium

So this past weekend was Matthew's daughter, Nevaeh's, 3rd birthday :) Luckily, it fell on over a long weekend with her.  So, he came up with the idea to take her to the Newport Aquarium in Cincinnati! Neither of us had been, so it made it was actually really exciting for all of us!
All day she kept saying she was going to see big fish...big fish.  That's all she understood she'd be seeing, but I think she really had a great time! She was interested in looking at everything and wanted to play and interact when she could.  She even was brave enough to try and pet a small shark! Course, the closer she got to the water, the more scared she was, but it's the thought and effort, right? Plus, the water was freezing!
We got to see every kind of fish imaginable and they have these tubes you walk through and fish and sharks are swimming on the sides and above you! That was pretty cool.  It made it easier to see a lot of the fish :) There were a few divers down there cleaning windows and feeding some of the fish.  We of course gave some waves and Nevaeh blew them some kisses :) I'm sure they were happy to see us.
There were glowing jelly fish, tons of turtles, BIRDS (I quickly walked through this part...I mean, it said before we went in that they might BITE, POOP, thank you.  I'm not sure I've shared my extreme phobia of birds with you, but being in an enclosed area with them flying all around, is my insanity, just sayin').  We got to experience going down in a shark cage (not so impressive at all), see the penguins playing! I love penguins ;) They put on a little show for you...
It was all great! We had a fun time together :) I actually took some pictures too! Go me! I remembered the camera! Now, they aren't great and I probably could have gotten more, but my battery started dying.  AWESOME! It's not the best camera, but it works for now.  All in all a really great day together.  And when we got back it was dinner, cake and presents :) The girl is loved, that's for sure and it turned out to be a really great day!
Every time I see her she's talking more, understanding more, and her personality gets bigger by the day;) She is so much like her daddy too; sometimes it's scary! ;)

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