Thursday, April 7, 2011


This is too fun :) LOL I just had an idea I could probably do this with Friend's quotes! haha  'Challenge extended...' Name that episode!! :) Chels, you could totally help me with that one! You should guest blog for me!!
A -Age - 25
B - Birthday - August 3, 1985
C - Children? 2-3?
D - I still call my dad, 'daddy' :)
E - Tried eHarmony for a few months
F - Family oriented
G - Grapes are one of my favorite fruits
H - "Have ya met Ted?" What show?!?!
I - Interior Design, would be an amazing job
J - Jawbreakers, used to be a candy obsession of mine
K - Ketchup can go on almost's the best on Macaroni and Cheese though!! DELICIOUS!
L - Laughing on my back or leaning against something, ALWAYS gives me the hiccups!! No joke!
M - 'Mommy' is a word I can't wait to hear from my children :)
N - I am a neat freak when it comes to my home and even office at work!
O - I am also a self diagnosed OCD lol :)
P - Parenthood is one of my FAVORITE shows, right now!!
Q - Sadly, I think I've very much Quantity over quality, when it comes to clothes :) I like to mix it up daily! I also have two walk-in closets that are FULL... ;/ Don't judge me :)
R - Being raped is actually one of my biggest that weird?
S - Soldiers are absolutely, amazingly, admirable people...
T - Tim McGraw is my secret obsession :) Matthew LOVES this about me....NOT :)
U - I've been to Utah twice.  Once in the summer, once in the winter.  Park City. It's awesome.  That's where I went bobsledding in the summer at the Olympic training center! In the winter went skiing...AWESOME!!
V - 'Vain' is something I hope I'm never perceived as...
X - Xerox...that's all I got
Y - Yoga = fabulousness
Z - Zenon - Girl of the 21st Century, is one of the best Disney Channel movies EVER!

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