Friday, April 16, 2010

So, tomorrow is this chicks birthday :) (See pictures below) She’s gorgeous, right? I know…and one of my best friends. When we are together it’s madness. We goof around and can be super silly. Laughing pretty much dominates most of our conversations, but she is someone I turn to for advice too. She is an amazing listener, friend, and person in general. We’ve come a long way as friends and the loyalty, trust, and love that is there is truly special. I feel extremely blessed to have her in my life and I hope that I can reciprocate the dedication and support she shows me all the time. She can tell it like it is and she can relate to my pain. She would drive in a heartbeat to come see me if I asked and that’s a pretty amazing friend… Tomorrow we celebrate another year of her Godly blessing to this world. She touches every single heart she comes in contact with and I wish more people would see what she has to offer. She’s gonna kick major ass one day as a judge, so look out world!

I know she’d do anything for her family and friends…no questions asked. I love you Molly and thank you for being there always, for sharing life with me, letting me be myself, accepting me for me and for always being my drinking buddy! lol (mom, I was legal, I promise :) ) We’ve truly shared some in each others ups and downs lol But it’s been an amazing journey with you and I love you to death! Can’t wait to see you make more of your beautiful life and succeed to no end! Love you!


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