Life List

My Godmother came to me years ago and said that she started this list of things she wanted to do before she died (I believe she did 100).  I thought it was a little morbid, but really, it is pretty smart and awesome to do! It's like a checklist to make sure you get out of life what you want, right? So, I decided to start one myself :) It's always growing and changing, but that's all part of life. Here goes!

1. Marry my best friend
2. Be a mom
3. Design/build my own house
4. Open my own business
5. Travel to all the places I'd love to see
6. Record a Song (Church song)
7. Buy my own house (twice now 2008 and 2016)
8. Get a new car (2013, then crashed it (insert sad face)
9. Get a puppy named Max (sweet boy left us in 2013)
10. Live in another state for a while. You'd think living in 4 different states would give me my fill, but for some reason, I have a weird desire to live somewhere else for a bit.  (moved to TN in 2016)
11. Work for a fashion company
12. Run a 1/2 marathon
13. Run a full marathon in under 4 hours
14. Go skydiving
15. Go bungee jumping 
16. See my friends, who live all over the place, at least 3 times in a year
17. Take dancing lessons
18. Ride in a hot air balloon
19. Try out for a reality show
20. Inspire someone
21. Go to the Today Show
22. Make my parents proud in every aspect of my life
23. Start a prayer book and be consistent with it
24. Be genuinely happy in every part of life
25. Learn to say no without a reason
26. Be genuinely content with who I am
27. Be successful in my profession 


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