About Me

I am 31 years old, living in Nashville, TN. I moved here on Christmas Eve 2015 and absolutely love it. I graduated from UofL with a Management degree with Entrepreneurship and Marketing minors. I work for an Energy Efficiency company, doing marketing and project management. I have a dream to open my own business in the future; A retail accessories shop. I”m sure I will blog my way through that process, but for now, I have a horrible memory and want to capture life as it goes. I'm super random and a sarcastic wannabe. I'll probably write about a bunch of other useless knowledge, I’m sure! I drink way too much coffee, chew too much gum, and own too many clothes, bags, shoes, and make-up :) I try to laugh all the time, usually at myself, love my family, Church, singing, reading, running, meeting new people, etc. I love taking on new challenges and taking risks :) Now, I am raising a fur baby and enjoying my family and friends.  My LIFE is crazy, but my own!!
Happy reading.


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